iPhone 3GS vs Nexus One Infographic

The crew over at iFixit.com has taken apart many items for the world to see. The latest project involved dissecting an iPhone 3GS and Google Nexus One (now in Canada). The result of their work is an interesting infographic that puts the 3GS versus the Nexus One in a head to head comparison.

The iPhone 3GS has not changed much on the hardware side coming from the iPhone 3G. The Nexus One has the iPhone topped in a variety of categories (in particular its impressive hardware), but the App Store and Apple’s customer support is something the Nexus One cannot touch. It will be interesting to see what the next iteration of iPhone OS 4.0 and the iPhone 4G will bring.

Here’s the infographic:

Anyone out there using a Nexus One? How do you like it versus the iPhone 3GS?