iPhone OS 4.0 Already Jailbroken!

Once again, I find myself saying, “Well, that didn’t take long!”. Every time we get a new firmware from Apple, I’m always expecting them to finally close all the holes and exploits, so that we may never be able to jailbreak again. Then, inevitably, we get some kind of screenshot or video, showing that the newest firmware has indeed been jailbroken, right away.

Such is the case with OS 4.0. Musclenerd, member of the iPhone Dev Team, posted a quick video, simply titled “veency on iphone0s 4.0”. It shows the he has Cydia on an iPhone running iPhone OS 4.0.

YouTube video

To be clear, this is just a jailbreak for the first beta  of iPhone OS 4.0, so I doubt there will be any release, anytime soon. The iPhone Dev Team will probably keep this for themselves until the official iPhone OS 4.0 is released this summer, so that Apple doesn’t close the hole, through the beta process.

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