iPhone OS 4.0 Hidden iPod Application May Bring Vehicle Integration

With the release of the iPhone 4.0 OS beta just last week (due Summer 2010), developers and hackers alike have been digging into the OS trying to find references to any kind of hidden Apple secrets.

Aside from video calling references, which were just found over this past weekend, reports are now coming in of an Apple-branded in-car iPod application/kit hidden within the iPhone 4.0 SDK.

The report has even been accompanied by a video somewhat clearly showing the hidden in-car menu within the iPod app. It is presumed that this iPod menu would reveal itself when the iPod or iPhone is plugged into the car via the dock connector.

The function of this iPod menu would serve as a remote for when the device is plugged into a car sound system, allowing users to use the iPod/iPhone display to control the sound and iPod navigation.

The function is further rumored to be expanded to phone calls as well, allowing users to use a similar menu to control their incoming and outgoing phone calls. Using the dock connector as the sole connection, it is imagined that this setup may not need any kind of Bluetooth control, whether from a headset or from a built-in car solution as the device is plugged directly into the car.

Apple may also very well release their own in-car dock kit to dock the device. While there are numerous non-Apple branded in-car solutions for iPods and iPhones, it now seems that Apple may be attempting to get into this type of accessory game.

The real bonus from having an Apple version of an in-car accessory is that the majority of the setup would be bundled within the device, reducing the need to purchase additional accessories beyond a cable to connect the device to the car sound system or some kind of dock if needed.


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