Spirit Jailbreak Coming this Friday? [UPDATE: Delayed]

Update: Spirit has been delayed.

We’ve been hearing about the “Spirit” jailbreak for a while now. Apparently, it is able to jailbreak all Apple touch devices (yes, even the iPad) on their current firmware. It is what’s called a “userland” jailbreak, and is different then the jailbreak we’ve been used to through 2.X and 3.X. It is more like the jailbreak we had, in the early days of the iPhone, except it does not use a browser. The exact process of this jailbreak has not been revealed, yet, but acording to a post on Twitter, we may not have to wait much longer.

Comex, creator of the Spirit jailbreak, posted a Steve Jobs-esque reply to one of his followers, on Twitter. The question asked, by @wahooofan5, was basically, “When’s it coming out?”. Comex’s response was, “Friday”.

Now, does comex mean, this Friday? That would make sense, as the iPad 3G is officially released this Friday. Let’s cross our fingers!

If you want to use this jailbreak, your iPhone or iPod Touch will have to be on iPhone OS 3.1.3, and your iPad will have to be on iPhone OS 3.2. Also, at the moment, you should have iTunes 9.1. MuscleNerd, of the iPhone Dev Team, has warned that Spirit may not work with iTunes 9.1.1.

YouTube video

In other jailbreak news, Geohot’s next jailbreak tool, will probably not be released anytime  soon. He has said on Twitter, that he is too busy too get it ready, as he envisions it. It has been speculated that he may be saving his new exploit for the summer, when iPhone 4 is released.

I, however, cannot be jailbroken. You will never find an exploit! Although, you could follow me on Twitter: @rorypiper

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