iPhone OS 3.1.3/4.0 Carrier Unlocks Coming Says MuscleNerd

With Apple’s 2010 WWDC coming in less than 12 hours, everyone expects a new iPhone coming our way. What about the status of the iPhone carrier unlock? Well, according to the iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd, it’s on the way.

MuscleNerd had the following to say on twitter:

People still ask, but sure, with both 4.0 & iPhoneHD coming out this month, so too will the 3.1.3/4.0 carrier unlocks 🙂

The iPhone Dev Team has been holding out on the latest baseband unlocks to prevent Apple from closing them. With the Spirit jailbreak being so darn easy, life has been pretty good so far for the iPhone jailbreak community. Once iPhone OS 3.1.3/4.0 carrier unlocks are released it’s going to get even better!