Elgato EyeTV Hybrid – Info and Giveaway

For my triumphant return to to iPhoneinCanada.ca I thought I’d host a little giveaway.

[Update Monday June 21, 2010 7:00am ET – Congrats to mtlscream who won the EyeTV Hybrid + EyeTV 3 Software!!! Thanks to everyone who entered!!!]

I recently got my hands on the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner Stick and was all set to try it out, and put it through its paces before giving it away to some lucky soul. While it’s an entirely capable piece of hardware, the EyeTV 3 software and it’s catering to iOS devices  is really where this product shines. Unfortunately for me, it’s not compatible with my ancient iBook.

So being unable to test drive it, I’ll simply tell you about it. It’s probably for the best that I can’t use it – because I’m fairly certain that there was a serious risk of me then keeping it for myself.

For PC users, this is a decent contender as a compact TV tuner solution. If you don’t have a built-in TV Tuner this would be a smart buy – it’s compatible with Windows 7, and Media Server therein. The software that Elgato provides you with is the TerraTec Home Cinema software. While I’m sure it’s decent – it’s no EyeTV 3.

This is the good part. If you’ve read this far down you might start asking yourself why an iPhone Blog is talking about TV Tuner hardware/software. Well, while there are lots, and lots of great features within the EyeTV 3 software, but the best (in my opinion) is its interactivity with iOS Devices. Specifically, the iPhone and iPad. I’m talking about the EyeTV App.

Firstly, this App lets you schedule programming from your device. As best I can tell Bell is the only major nation-wide cable TV carrier to have an App that allows you to do this with PVR box, so a great option for everyone else. Secondly, with this App you can watch any previously recorded shows that you have saved on your Mac, streaming directly to your iPhone or iPad. Over Wifi or 3G.

Which brings us to the last and one of the best points – Live TV. Oh yes, once again over Wifi or 3G. (I can hear all the $30/mo 6Gb folks cheering). For only $4.99, that’s a lot of greatness for one little App. However, you will need to be running EyeTV 3, and it will, if directed, properly save specifically configured for optimal iPhone and/or iPad viewing.

Now I’m certain that there are some serious concerns about data consumption and battery life, and whatnot. Elgato offers a Free Trail-App to EyeTV 3 users (of registered products) called Live3G which is simply the Live TV portion of the EyeTV App – so that you can test it out, make sure it works, and all of that before shelling for the full $5 App. Or, not. If you just want to use it for Live TV Streaming, that’s all you need.

With all of that said, does this not sound like a product you want to own? Should you not win the giveaway, please keep in mind that the EyeTV 3 Software itself is available for purchase (for $79.95 USD) only for the Mac – and the full EyeTV App is $4.99, this is a really great piece of software to own if you already have a TV Tuner, coz it’s compatable with all of these. If you don’t, the whole package, with an EveTV Hybrid, is $149.95 USD.

This is how you can win the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner Stick & EyeTV 3 Software

1) Comment on this post (include your email address in the form so I can contact you!)
2) Tell me what your favorite TV Show is!

Entries will be taken from now until 11:59pm PT Sunday, June 20, 2010. Winner will be randomly chosen from all eligible entries. Please note that this prize pack does not include a copy of the EyeTV App, and that the winner, should they choose, will need to purchase it for themselves. Please make sure you meet the system requirements for the software, and honestly, only Mac users for this one – sorry.

[Update Monday June 21, 2010 7:00am ET – Congrats to mtlscream who won the EyeTV Hybrid + EyeTV 3 Software!!! Thanks to everyone who entered!!!]

chantelleI’m really happy to be back everyone, Good Luck!

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