Some iPhone 4 Units Feature Reversed Volume Buttons

And the iPhone 4 design issues continue.

This week has marked an unbelievable set of events for one of the most popular smartphones on the planet, the iPhone 4. It all began with scratches on the back panel of the iPhone 4.

After scratches, it was discolored displays. After displays, it was this insane signal degradation issue where users are being told as a solution to hold the iPhone 4 differently (which is not a solution at all).

The latest issue is volume buttons!

It seems that some iPhone 4 units are arriving to users with reversed volume buttons. In other words, instead of the “+” volume button being used to increase the volume on the iPhone 4, it is decreasing the volume. The same goes for the “-” volume button which is being used to increase volume instead of to decrease volume!

Hopefully this is an isolated issue, but maybe the fix is to hold it differently?


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