Apple Announces 1.7 Million iPhone 4 Units Sold In 3 Days

This morning, Apple announced sales of over 1.7 million iPhone 4 units through Saturday June 26, which covers the first three days of sales since the iPhone 4 launch on June 24.

The new iPhone 4 features FaceTime, which makes video calling as easy as one tap, and Apple’s new Retina display, the highest resolution display ever built into a phone, resulting in stunning text, images and video.

“This is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Even so, we apologize to those customers who were turned away because we did not have enough supply.”

In the past, both of the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G had sales of over one million units for their launch weekends. The original iPhone, launched in 2007, took 74 days to sell one million units, which is a sharp contrast to the present day sales.

For additional comparison, in April Apple launched the iPad in the USA. The iPad took Apple 28 days to sell 1 million units, 59 days to sell 2 million units and 80 days to sell 3 million units.

June 24 marked the initial launch period for iPhone 4 in the United States, UK, France, Germany, and Japan. As indicated during the WWDC 2010 keynote, an additional 18 countries, including Canada, will receive iPhone 4 by the end of July.