More iWork For iPhone Evidence On Apple’s Site

Earlier in June, evidence was found that revealed the iPhone’s ability, with iOS 4, to open attachments in external applications. This hinted at the possibility of iWork, Apple’s productivity app for the Mac and iPad, being released on the iPhone.

At the time, the screenshot revealed an option to open a document in Keynote. However the screenshot was promptly replaced with one mentioning iBooks instead of Keynote. To this day, it has been unknown whether the Keynote mention was a marketing error or an upcoming product release revealed early.

Today, a new discovery has been made on Apple’s website pointing to the possibility of iWork for iPhone. The discovery has been found on Apple’s international online stores when users follow the process to order a new iPhone 4.

During the ordering process, users can select a “Learn more” link for AppleCare which reveals more information about the service. On that page, there is a section devoted to software support mentioning “Using iWork for iPhone and other Apple-branded iPhone apps”.

Once again, this could be an error or the early reveal of upcoming features. If the latter comes true, it would be great to see. Since Apple already has the iWork suite for iPad, it would not be very difficult to create an iPhone version. However an obvious issue with iWork for iPhone is the iPhone’s smaller screen size that would cause a few challenges for content creation and editing.