How To: Add Unique Symbols To Your iPhone Keyboard

Did you ever want to add the Apple Logo as a symbol for your folder names? Or how about just add any symbol to your device keyboard that is not available on the iPhone keyboard already? If so, then check out this great tip!

Glyphboard is a web app that allows users to generate symbols on their iPhone such as an Apple logo, umbrella, airplane, and much more. Users of iOS 4 can customize their folders by using symbols with Glyphboard, however the symbols also work with previous iPhone OS versions as well!

To get started, follow the process below:

1.) Visit with Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

2.) Add the website as a home screen bookmark by tapping the “+” symbol in Safari and then tapping on “Add to Home Screen”.

3.) Exit Safari and tap on the new bookmark on your Home Screen. What will open is the Glyphboard web app!

Glyphboard includes 48 characters/symbols that can be copied and pasted anywhere on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. This means that users can paste these symbols to emails, notes, calendars, SMS, folders, and more!

Glyphboard also provides users an area to paste numerous symbols so a large selection of symbols can be copied simultaneously.

Definitely give this a try and post your experience in the comments!

[Daring Fireball]