X-Mini Max II Compact Speaker For iPhone

After recently using the line of X-Mini speakers, I was impressed by the sound quality coming from such a small package. After doing some additional research, I found another set of speakers from X-Mini called the “Max II”.

X-Mini Max II

The Max II speakers, just like the previous X-Mini speakers, are a premium speaker product for any device that supports a 3.5mm audio port, such as a MP3 player or mobile phone. When compared with the other X-Mini products, the Max II speakers once again pack in a lot of sound into a small and compact space.

The one thing I really prefer with the X-Mini Max II speakers is that two speakers come together as a set, instead of having to purchase individual units. Each speaker set, available in red, white, or black, features a 40mm driver for great sound quality and an expanded bass system for deep bass.

When the speakers are in their compact form, sound is great. But just like the other X-Mini speakers, each speaker capsule can be twisted to expand the capsule and mimic the resonance of a sub-woofer. Each speaker is also angled to provide directional audio.

Tech Specs

Both X-Mini Max II speakers feature up to 12 hours of battery life, an in-line volume switch, and USB charger. While the other X-Mini speakers feature a built-in 3.5mm audio cable, the Max II speakers have a separate single cable that features two miniUSB connectors, a USB connector, and 3.5mm audio connector.

Cable System

What makes this brand of speaker very attractive to me is the cable system. Everything you need is in one, single cable. The 3.5mm audio connector plugs into your iPhone, the two miniUSB connectors plug into each speaker and you now have a mini stereo system. If you need a charge, the USB connector is ready.

Of all the X-Mini speakers I’ve used, I prefer the Max II simply for the cable system and that the speakers come as a set.

The X-Mini Max II is available for $49.90 from the X-Mini Online Store.