Bought an Unlocked iPhone 4 From Apple? Check Your Receipt

Did you buy an unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple? If you did, here is some very important info for you. Apparently some people who purchased unlocked iPhone 4 units have had issues of being sold locked phones. Forums user draz and iFoneHome have started some threads here and here on this issue. iFoneHome bought an unlocked phone, but it was actually locked. How to check?

Here’s the lowdown. Go grab your receipt first, and check for the following under the SIM details:

No Contract Sim = Your iPhone 4 is unlocked.
Rogers/Telus/Bell Micro Sim iPhone 4 = Your iPhone 4 is locked.

Here is an image of an unlocked receipt (left) versus locked receipt (right):

Here’s a clearer pic of an UNLOCKED receipt, from @iPhoneArena:

Update 7:34pm, Aug.7: The process of unlocking your iPhone 4 is completed through the Point of Sale process in the Apple Store. On top of checking your receipt, pop in a microSIM from another carrier to truly verify its unlocked status. Also, if there is all “1’s” on the receipt part for the iPhone, it’s unlocked.

I just checked my receipt and it’s correct. I know this won’t apply to everyone, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! How did your receipt turn out?

Thanks to @TechMonitor, @iPhoneArena, draz and iFoneHome!

[HowardForums for image]

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