Email Based FaceTime Support Revealed In iOS 4.1 Beta 3

With the recent release of beta 3 of iOS 4.1, a major find was revealed regarding FaceTime on other iOS devices.

The most recent iOS beta reveals a new option in the “Contacts” app that allows users to make FaceTime calls using a phone number or an email address. Currently FaceTime supports phone numbers only.

By enabling the use of an email address, FaceTime becomes compatible with iDevices not associated with a phone number such as iPod touch or iPad.

Last month, other published reports showcased screenshots of FaceTime with the option to use an email address to connect the video call.

Many rumors point to Apple adding a front-facing camera on the iPod touch that can be used for FaceTime. This rumored iPod touch may be revealed next month at Apple’s annual iPod media event. The iPad has also received front-facing camera rumors that indicate a FaceTime compatible iPad.