Google Goggles Coming To iPhone By End Of 2010

This week, Google confirmed that it will release Google Goggles for iPhone by the end of 2010.

David Petrou, head of Goggles, committed to having the iPhone version of Goggles out by end of 2010. However, Petrou provided no explanation as to why the iPhone version was delayed over Android, which launched in December 2009.

“We’re working on an iPhone version, and hope to have it out by the end of the year,” David Petrou, a Google staff engineer working on the Goggles project, told his keynote audience at Monday’s Hot Chips conference at Stanford University in California.

Now being built into Android, the app has been considered useful as it provides a visual search based on results from a smartphone camera. Results come from the app recognizing an object and returning links to shopping sites.

Goggles is also considered essential on Android, as the app can scan QR codes which Android users use as shortcuts to download Android apps.

Ever since the iPhone 3GS and its autofocus camera, Goggles has been technically able to run on iOS but the app was not yet made available for iPhone by Google.

While Goggles would make use of the iPhone 4’s 5-megapixel camera, it could also make use of the front facing camera by allowing users to capture objects without having to hold the item behind the iPhone.

I’m looking forward to Goggles on iPhone. Are you?

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