iShine Microfiber Pouches for iPad & iPhone

Until I get my free Case from Apple, I was still using my iPhone 4 naked, and was getting a bit worried about it, after all it is glass. Sure, it’s supposed to be ‘super magical’ scratch and break resistant glass, but, still I didn’t want to risk damaging something I practically camped overnight to get. So, I was looking for a quick and cheap option to lug around my iPhone in until the Case got here, and found the iShine Pouches as a very reasonably priced alternative.

Made from microfiber, these little pouches run for $5.95 USD each (iPhone size), with $2.95 USD shipping to Canada. I’ve found several other similar slip-case style options for the iPhone online, and let me tell you, this is going to be one of the least expensive. Similar pouches (or ‘sleeves’) usually run up to about $9.99 USD with crazy shipping costs to Canada (like, up to $20!!!). So price wise, this is a fantastic bet. And it beats keeping your iPhone in a sock, or something less classy.

As the wise and apparently psychic Rory Piper once said, the iPhone 4 is a greasy smudge magnet, even with an InvisibleSheild, or Phantom Skin, or whatever protection you prefer, it’s still fingerprint-y and having a microfiber cloth around is just a good idea.

The iShine pouches are specifically designed for the iPhone/iPod and iPad. While I found that the iPad pouch was much more tight-fitting and snug. The drawstring top wouldn’t close all the way, however, did stay tight despite the fact that you couldn’t tie them together. I suppose my suggestion for the iPad sleeve would be to make it slightly longer, to be able to drawstring shut the top, or make the ties a bit longer to tie them together.

The iPhone/iPod sleeve was much more impressive. It left ample room to draw-string it closed, and therefore I assume if you had a bumper on your iPhone it would still fit in the sleeve. Having the benefit of using your iPhone ‘Naked’ but still being able to safely toss it in a purse, bag or pocket with keys is great. These are light, thin and cheap, what more could you want? Here are a few more pics:

Check out the iShine website for more details and to order (you can pay via Paypal!).

While I’m still waiting on my Free Case from Apple, I’m going to continue to use the iShine iPhone pouch, but I want to give away the iPad pouch to a lucky reader.

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