HDR Photos Coming to iPhone 3G/3GS via Jailbreak

With iOS 4.1’s imminent release this Wednesday, one of the most anticipated features is the ability to take HDR (high dynamic range) photos on the iPhone. However, it appears as though the HDR photo option will be absent from the iPhone 3G/3GS.

We’ve seen Apple leave out hardware intensive features on older iPhone models (*cough* multitasking on the iPhone 3G *cough*). The HDR imaging feature snaps three photos (underexposed, normal, overexposed) and stitches them together in an overlay.

Can the iPhone 3G handle this (maybe if you try this speed up tip)? Maybe, but the last time I used my iPhone 3G it was slow as a snail compared to the iPhone 3GS/4 (click here on how to speed up your iPhone 4). There’s no reason the iPhone 3GS shouldn’t have HDR photos. I’ve installed processor/memory intensive apps such as iMovie on my iPhone 3GS and it worked fine.

Will Strafach aka @cdevwill Has Made an Tweak for HDR Photos via Cydia

Last night @cdevwill tweeted that he has made a tweak for the iPhone 3G and 3GS to enable HDR photos on iOS 4.1:

The iPhone 4 has the same A4 processor from the iPad and 512mb of RAM. Will the iPhone 3G (128mb of RAM) and 3GS (256mb of RAM) be able to handle HDR photos? We’ll soon find out!