Did iOS 4.1 Fix Your iPhone 4 Bluetooth Issue?

Hey everybody, Mitchell here again! This time I’ll be talking to you about a problem a few of us Bluetooth enthusiasts have run into. It seems several headsets, when paired with the iPhone 4, suffer terrible calling issues. Many people are complaining that it’s very difficult to understand what’s being said through the headset.

This problem seems to affect just about everyone who tries using Bluetooth with their new iPhone 4. Some report a muffled voice on the recipient’s end while others are saying their calls are lost or dropped completely when trying to use a hands free device.

Apple has promised us that the Bluetooth issue will be addressed in the freshly released iOS 4.1 update from yesterday. If you were suffering from this Bluetooth problem, did 4.1 fix it? What about other “problems” you were having from before?