Slow Download Speeds on Rogers 3G Network?

At first I thought I was going crazy. That was until I started receiving numerous tweets from you guys about the recent slowdowns to 3G speeds on the Rogers network. The 3G speeds on my iPhone 4 are usually blazing fast. However, the past couple days everything has slowed down to a snail’s pace.

We recently posted about the update to the application. Even though people posted their results that seem ‘normal’, there is definitely something ‘not right’ with the Rogers 3G network as of 4pm PST.

I’ve contacted a member of the Rogers Social Media team and will relay any information I receive.

ReyAbucot 3:41pm

@iPhoneinCanada yeah I notched a HUGE drop in 3G speed in the last few days. Something is wrong.

quebec_news 3:48pm

@iPhoneinCanada: same here in Quebec area !!

shelmart 3:32pm

@iPhoneinCanada 3G has been ridiculously slow in Ottawa all day today.

alexcornellier 3:32pm

@iPhoneinCanada @seanbaker it has been weirdly slow in montreal too today.

Scott9382 3:33pm

@iPhoneinCanada I’ve had slow Service on 3G most of the day in Calgary. Little faster now.

Where are you located? Are you experiencing slow Rogers 3G network speeds?

Update 1: Looks like Fido users are experiencing slowdowns as well.

Update 2, 11:20pm PST: 3G speeds seem to have resumed to ‘normal’ in Vancouver. MUCH faster than before. My results: 4.74 Mbps download, 3.05 Mbps upload.

[image via BGR]