OtterBox Defender/Commuter iPhone 4 Case Reviews

With every new iPhone release, accessory manufacturers are always rushing to release the latest cases for consumers. If you’re looking for the strongest protection for your iPhone, the one company that comes to mind is OtterBox. They make some of the toughest cases for electronics to date (I’ve ran over an OtterBox with my car and submerged an old discontinued Armor case fully into water).

Their latest release of the Defender/Commuter Series cases for the iPhone 4 continue their tradition of protecting your iPhone (like the Defender for the 3GS) no matter where you go (BTW: they are NOT waterproof FYI!).

OtterBox Defender Series Features:

  • Coating on outside of touch screen membrane resists finger prints
  • New material used for touch screen membrane eliminates static, bubbles and “oil slick” appearance
  • Inner felt liner cushions your device
  • Textured silicone exterior for improved grip
  • Included holster holds device face in or face out (face in is recommended for highest level of protection)
  • Completely re-designed holster for stronger hold on device
  • Holster doubles as a stand for hands-free media viewing
  • Case accommodates most 3rd party chargers
  • $49.95

OtterBox Commuter Series Features: :

  • Access to all buttons and features
  • Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports
  • Includes a self-adhering protective film
  • $34.95

If you’re familiar with the OtterBox Defender/Commuter Series cases, then this time around they are pretty much the same for the iPhone 4. However, OtterBox has continued to improve their cases, in particular with the Defender Series.

I found the new silicone to be much softer than before, and the the holster on the Defender is much sturdier. I did find it difficult to open up the plastic shell, as it took me longer than expected.

As with all silicone cases, the Defender/Commuter Series will attract dust/debris to an extent. But a damp cloth will take it all away. The silicone fit on the Commuter Series was not as “snug” as it should be, but overall the plastic held it very firm against my iPhone 4.

Both cases will not work well with ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD.

The Commuter Series is pretty straightforward. It’s a very snug fit with a combination of silicone and plastic. It’s a nice touch to include some protective film for your iPhone 4 screen. If you’ve purchased an OtterBox case before than you know very well the quality of OtterBox products.

If you work in dusty and dangerous environments the Defender Series case will be your iPhone 4’s best friend. It’s just super strong and will protect your phone like no tomorrow. The Commuter Series is just your everyday case that will provide more drop/shock protection versus other iPhone cases. The prices reflect the quality and care put into each OtterBox case. There are cheaper cases out there but they aren’t made as well.

Check out my hands on overview of the OtterBox Defender/Commuter Series for iPhone 4:

Video miscues:
* Called the Defender the “Armor” case by mistake
* Transition says that the “Defender” series is up next, should say “Commuter

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