App Review: Air Mouse Mobile

Right from the start I was convinced that Air Mobile Mouse would not work, but after using it for a few hours, I can safely say I was wrong.

Air Mouse works much like you would expect; boot it up and it takes over your Mac or PC and becomes your mouse. I own an iMac and I was on the fence about the new Magic Track Pad, but now for $1.99, I don’t need one.

It has every feature of Apple’s new Track Pad, except its size. The size works to its advantage by allowing the user to operate the App without the need of a hard surface, such as a desk. There are also a few different modes to choose from depending on what you need it for at any given time.

The touch pad mode, much like Apple’s Magic Track Pad, is the one I use the most.

It is very simple to use and turns any iPhone into a touch pad much like a Laptop. With a quick shake of your device, the on-screen keyboard will display. It also gives you access to many features that you would normally find on your keyboard.

In touch pad mode, hit the button on the top right and the touch pad transforms into a point and click mouse, utilizing the accelerometer to manipulate your cursor. It’s a really cool feature, very similar to a laser pointer. I love using it to navigate my desktop from my bed, or even using it to fast forward my Sling Player without having to get up.

It even has iTunes functionality built in, which makes it very easy to control your music from anywhere in your house. Also included are browser shortcuts and the ability to click on any program you have on your dock.

As for the way it connects to your computer, all you need is the server software that is on the main page of the Mobile Mouse website. It runs over WiFi and is very smooth. I personally love this App, even after convincing myself that it would be terrible. If you have ever wanted to have full control over your computer without being tied to your desk, then Mobile Mouse might work for you.