iPhone 4 Bumpers Back On Sale On The Apple Online Store

As the iPhone 4 case program, where iPhone 4 owners received a free case with their iPhone 4 purchase, came to an end at the end of September, the Apple-designed iPhone 4 Bumper is now back for sale on the Apple Online Store.

Since the end of the case program, the Apple Bumper has been slowly making its way back into the regular sales channels. Almost immediately after the end of the case program, the Bumpers were available at Apple Retail Stores across North America.

Now the Bumpers are available on the Apple Online store for a cost of $29.00, the same price as in store, with shipping within 24 hours when ordered.

All six Bumper colors are available including Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Pink, and White. If you’re local retailer does not have Bumpers and an Apple Store is too far, check out the the Apple Online Store.

[Apple Canada]