The Return of

Hey everyone, RoryPiper here. Usualy, when I post something on this great site, I’ve got a cool how to, for making a theme, a review of some new case or iPhone related product, or some other jailbreak-type news. This week it is all about shameless self-promotion. With Gary’s permission, or course. ;P

Some of you hardcore jailbreakers out there may remember a blog for jailbreaking iPhone OS 1.1.x, called It was run by a couple of the Chronic Dev Team Members. Well, myself, and Dusty, the founder of, decided to start up a site dedicated to jailbreaking. We needed a strong, easy to remember URL, and stumbled upon It hadn’t been used in a while, so we contacted the owners and were able to acquire the URL.

The site has been completely redesigned, and is live! We feature tonnes of Cydia app reviews, jailbreak how-to’s, and more. Hope you all come check us out! – rorypiper