Telus Updates iPhone Plans With More Minutes & Flex Data For Q4 2010

With Holiday 2010 approaching, the Canadian wireless carriers are beginning to update their plans and offer additional features.

For Q4 2010, Telus has reworked some of their iPhone plans to include more minutes and a new flex data option.

Bonus Minutes

For Q4 2010, Telus has added the bonus minutes from all iPhone plans into the base minutes of each plan.

For example, the $50 plan that used to have 150 minutes + 50 Bonus minutes now has 200 minutes total.

The benefit of this comes for users who want to do non-contract iPhone plans with Telus (they get 200 minutes now vs. 150 minutes before) and for users who choose the Double Your Minutes promotion (they get 400 minutes now vs. 300 minutes before, since bonus minutes are not doubled).

Flex Data

Telus has also introduced a new $65 iPhone voice and data plan with flex data. In other words, the previous four available iPhone voice and data plans have now become three plans and the $65 per month plan includes flex data. The $50 plan stayed the same.

$65 iPhone plan

The new $65 iPhone voice & data plan with flex data keeps the same base voice plan such as the minutes, evenings, and three promotions to choose but now has flexible data.

What flexible data means is at the $65 price, users get 1GB of data. If that data amount is exceeded, instead of paying per MB overage fees, the plan is automatically bumped to $80 with 2GB of data. If 2GB of data is exceeded, the plan is bumped to $105 with 5GB of data. Anything over 5GB however is charged at $0.05/MB.

Each month, the $65 plan resets back to the lowest $65/1GB tier and then increases again when the data is exceeded during the month.

$100 iPhone plan

There has also been changes to the $100 iPhone voice and data plan.

The $100 iPhone voice and data plan now includes 600 minutes (vs. 550 + 50 minutes before) and 5GB of data (vs. 3GB of data before). The price of the plan remained the same at $100.