Just Mobile Lounge For iPhone & iPod touch

If you’re looking for an elegant desktop iPhone stand or an in-car dock solution, check out the Lounge by Just Mobile.

Lounge by Just Mobile

The Lounge is a deluxe desktop stand that also doubles as a great in-car dock. The stand is designed for the iPhone 4 and fourth-generation iPod touch, but includes a holder for the iPhone 3G/3GS in the box.

The Lounge is made from high-grade aluminum with a rubber grip to hold the iPhone or iPod touch very firmly in place. This grip is especially important if the Lounge is used in the car.

On the bottom, the Lounge features a circular non-slip grip to ensure that the stand does not slide off a desk or in-car dashboard. In terms of a car solution however, the package also includes a great additional car kit to secure the Lounge to a vehicle dashboard.

A small, circular piece of aluminum snaps easily into the bottom the stand and a 3M adhesive strip hugs the dashboard. However, it seems that this is a one-time use strip. In other words, you can still remove the Lounge from the car but the adhesive remains and if you take that off, it will be difficult securing it down again.

Once a device is secured in the Lounge, the stand allows users to easily feed a cable to the dock connector and rotate the device between portrait and landscape. The rotation is nice in a desktop environment for videos and other media but really shines in a car, especially if your iPhone is used for GPS navigation.

For pricing, the Lounge costs $39.95USD ($41.00CDN) which is on-par with similar iPhone stands. If you buy the Lounge directly from Just Mobile, shipping is very pricey at $25.00USD ($26.00CDN). The alternative is to find a local reseller so you pay $0.00 for shipping!

Overall, if you’re looking for a great desktop stand and an elegant, yet subtle, in-car solution, the Lounge is a solid iPhone accessory that will keep your device secure and looking great!