App Review: Combine Multiple Pictures With Diptic

One of the best selling points of the iPhone in my opinion is its camera. You can get really nice, crisp shots. I find myself taking a lot more pictures when I’m out because I have this nice camera on my phone. Plus, I don’t have to lug around my DSLR.

When it comes time to showoff all these pictures I like to add a little flare. That’s where Diptic comes in. In a nutshell, pick a layout consisting of two, three, or four pictures – choose the photos you want to use – and that’s it.

The Diptic interface is very straight forward and simple to use. Once you’ve chosen your layout, you have the choice of using pictures in your phones photo library or using the camera and taking a new picture.

Once you have the pictures you want, you can do some simple edits. First and foremost you can pinch and zoom to fit your pictures to your liking within the selected space. Along the bottom you can also choose Transform. This allows you to mirror the picture or rotate it 90 degrees.

Next is Effects. Once selected you can tap on any of the pictures. This brings up three slider bars. It allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of your picture. You can do this for each picture within your layout.

Also within Effects is the ability to change the border. You do this by tapping on border in the top right-hand corner. Again, it’s very straight forward. You are given several slider bars for the thickness of the border, and changing the colours.

Once you’ve finished you can export the final product to your photo album or email. The results are great and look great whether you’re showing them off on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or anywhere. I’ve even printed some out and they look really nice.

If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your pictures, I highly recommend picking up Diptic.