[Updated] Xmarks To Live Another Day: Acquired by LastPass

Update 1: From the Xmarks Blog:

We’re also committed to keeping Xmarks free while implementing a viable long-term plan. Xmarks is transitioning to a “freemium” business model, the same model that allowed LastPass to grow into a thriving, profitable business. The browser add-on and the vast majority of what users have enjoyed remains free. Users can then opt to purchase Xmarks Premium for $12 per year, which includes new enhanced features like Android and iPhone mobile phone apps, priority support, and more. The Xmarks and LastPass Premium offerings are also available bundled together at a reduced subscription rate of $20 per year. For those of you who pledged your financial support, you can make good on your pledge today and upgrade.

$12/year to support Xmarks. Sign me up.

We previously wrote about our favourite bookmark cloud syncing service, Xmarks. They were in a heap of trouble with their ‘freemium’ model and declared they were ready to shut down.

We have some good news to report–Xmarks has been acquired by LastPass, an online password/form filler company.

According to All Things Digital:

Enter LastPass, based in Vienna, Va., whose CEO Joe Siegrist said in an interview that he wanted to help keep the service operating and provide it with an ongoing business model.

“They had a large dedicated audience, but their free offering and advertising model was not working,” he said. “We really want to figure something out that could keep it going.”

Siegrist said LastPass offered a good free service, but relied on a small group of users who pay to upgrade to a premium offering.

“We think this will make a great ending and beginning for Xmarks,” said Joaquin.

This is great news for all Xmarks users. Hooray!


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