muBlip for iPhone App review

I have to say that I’m usually a fan of more traditional games, stuff that I grew up with and that is still around. But sometimes, you come across games that take a game you knew and loved to another level.

muBlip is one of those games. It takes the “old fashion” Simon says electronic game to that other level.

Even the muBlip description mentions “Think of it as Simon says meets multi-touch.” but I think it should say “Think of it as Simon says with rhythm and multi-touch.”

The principle is fairly straight forward, the App plays a sequence of “blips” which are taps, slides, drags, holds, etc. to the rhythm of a song and you need to replay that sequence with the right timing. Some “blips” require that you use multiple fingers at the same time.


This is where I find that this App is interesting since it is not sufficient to remember the sequence, but the timing of re-creating that sequence is critical to good scores. In my case, I see some potential to help kids with their music learning. You can’t rush or slow down when playing music, the same principle applies here.

In addition to the tutorial, there are 13 tracks (i.e. levels) of electronica music and 2 levels of difficulty for each. The “play casual” level shows you the sequence before you have to repeat it. The “play hardcore” level asks you to play the same sequences you learned in the “play casual” level but you’re on your own for that one.

Apparently para9 (the company that developed muBlip) is working on a Game Center integration for a release very soon.

My final verdict? Overall, an enjoyable and unique memory and rhythm game.

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