The Hidden Secrets Within iOS & Mac Icons

We all use apps on our iDevices and on our Mac computers, but something that many of us may not know (I sure didn’t!) was that these icons hold deep and dark secrets!

It is without a doubt that Apple makes great products, which includes the icons for their various applications. This week, Electricpig has provided a list of some of the Apple icons that hold secrets, history, and inside jokes in plain sight!

For example, many of us may have figured out that the iOS icon is not just showcasing a generic photo. Instead, the illustration is actually Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Another example is in your iPod app. The “Artist” selection in the iPod app is a silhouette of one-time Apple partner Bono (U2)!

There is no doubt that some of these are known, but you should definitely check out the site to see which ones you did not know. You can also submit your own finds for any that are not already listed!