New White iPhone 4 Paint Solving Production Problems?

With the ongoing saga of the white iPhone 4, and its possible Spring 2011 release date, users are wondering what has Apple done to ensure that the mystical device will be released, problem-free.

While Apple has never officially confirmed the cause of the problems surrounding the white iPhone 4, rumors have suggested that the paint on the device let too much light into the device, causing problems with the camera.

According to a report by Macotakara, a Japanese firm has developed a new process for controlling the uniform application of white paint to the iPhone 4. This process has reportedly resulted in problem-free white iPhone 4 devices.

According to a source, specified printing white color for iPhone 4 brings poor yield and then huge number of defective products. This is the reason of disturbing to start manufacturing, a source said.

To solve this problem, a Japanese company developed miracle painting material which is able to be set thickness of painting layer.

So if the white iPhone 4 debuts this Spring 2011, will you buy it? (I certainly won’t)