BREAKING: Ottawa to Reverse CRTC Decision for User Based Billing

Update 1: Tony Clement tweeted he would overturn the CRTC decision via twitter:

Whoa. You’ll be happy to hear this. News just broke from the Toronto Star that Ottawa has decided to reverse the CRTC decision for User-Based Billing (UBB) for internet (take a look at Canada vs The World)! Looks like the ‘tribe’ has spoken.

“The CRTC should be under no illusion — the Prime Minister and minister of Industry will reverse this decision unless the CRTC does it itself,” a senior Conservative government official said Wednesday.

“If they don’t reconsider we will reverse their decision.”

The promise to reverse the ruling comes as CRTC Chair Konrad von Finckenstein is scheduled to explain the decision Thursday before the House of Commons industry committee.

While the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is an independent agency, its decision can be overturned by cabinet. The Star was told that could happen as early as next week.

Now those are some strong words. Here’s more, from Industry Minister Tony Clement:

The CRTC decision has sparked outrage across the country with Canadians rushing to sign petitions asking the Conservative government to reverse it. Industry Minister Tony Clement has received tens of thousands of emails requesting that it be struck down.

“Frankly, a decision like this is clearly not in the best interest of consumers,” the senior official said.

“This is a bread-and-butter issue.”

Looks like 357,700 signatures at has opened the eyes of the Federal government. Now isn’t that interesting. Canadians banding together, and making a difference. Politicians squirm in their seats when they know votes are at stake. Eureka!

[Toronto Star]

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