[Updated] iOS 4.3 With Personal Hotspot Due February 13 2011?

With the recent reviews of the Verizon iPhone 4, one review seems to have stood out from the rest. NYTimes’ David Pogue did a review of the Verizon iPhone 4, which as far as reviews go, was your typical technology review. However, looking a little closer revealed some key information.

The following block of text is from the initial review posted by Pogue,

The single new feature in Verizon’s iPhone is Personal Hotspot, where the iPhone becomes a Wi-Fi base station. Up to five laptops, iPod Touches or other gadgets can get online, using the phone as a glorified Internet antenna.

That’s incredibly convenient. Many other app phones have it — AT&T’s iPhone gets it on Feb. 13 — but Apple’s execution is especially nice.

Did you catch the date?

Pogue claims that AT&T will be getting Personal Hotspot, which also implies the release of iOS 4.3, on February 13, 2011. That date does fall on a Sunday, which is an odd date for Apple-related releases, but this begs the question of why would Pogue just drop that specific date.

Soon after the initial posting, Pogue’s post was updated to “Soon”, covering himself up.

If AT&T is possibly getting iOS 4.3 on February 13 2011, you can bet the firmware will be available for all iPhones, including Canadians.

Update 1:

Seems like Walt Mossberg also mentions February 13, 2011 as the iOS 4.3 release date during his video review of the Verizon iPhone 4.

“… at the last minute AT&T announced that they will counter that on February 13th.”


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