Photo Booth & Image Editing Coming To iPhone?

A few weeks ago, deep in the iOS 4.3 beta files, users found references to Photo Booth. At the time, reports indicated that the popular Mac app may be coming to iPhone to give users an amusing way to manipulate their photos directly in the iPhone

Fast-forward to today, and a patent has been uncovered that points to Apple definitely looking to release Photo Booth camera effects and native image editing to iOS.

Apple’s patent application generally relates to techniques for applying one or more image alteration effects to image data displayed on an electronic device. In certain disclosed embodiments, the application of such image alteration effects may be triggered based upon the detection of certain device operation events, which may include audio-related events, motion-related events, location-related events, or events relating the imaging properties.

The relationship between an image alteration effect and a corresponding triggering event(s) may be defined by a user. As will be appreciated, one or more aspects of the image alteration techniques described in this patent is configured via user preference settings, which may be part of a graphical user interface displayed on the electronic device.

While the App Store has thousands of apps that can be used to manipulate photos on iOS, having Photo Booth and built-in image editing capabilities is definitely a plus.

Do you use Photo Booth on your Mac? Would you want it on your iDevice?

[Patently Apple]