Blackberry Messenger Coming to iOS?

BGR reports that RIM’s popular Blackberry Messenger is coming to iOS and Android. BBM is the popular chat application that allows for exclusive communication between Blackberry users.

However, with cross-platform chat apps such as WhatsApp, is BBM on iOS even relevant anymore?


…we’ve been told RIM will offer stripped down versions of the BBM experience BlackBerry owners know and love. That way, Android and iOS users can communicate with practically anyone who has a smartphone using BBM, but they might not be able to share photos, location, or videos (when RIM crosses that bridge). Users who want the full BlackBerry Messenger experience will still need a BlackBerry smartphone to get it

A stripped down version of BBM? What’s the point? RIM needs to concentrate on releasing its Playbook (Apple will have released two iPads in less than a year before RIM releases one) and innovating in the smartphone space.

I don’t understand why Blackberry users love BBM so much. Is it worth keeping your Blackberry for, as opposed to newer and better smartphone options, such as the iPhone or Android? Maybe there’s something I’m missing?

Would you welcome BBM for iOS?