iPhone Games: SwipeTapTap For iPhone & iPod Touch

SwipeTapTap is a game that is well represented in its name. The game tests your reaction time, coordination, memory, and focus. If you have ever played that game called “Bop It”, you’ll instantly know what SwipeTapTap is about.

SwipeTapTap features nine distinct gestures depending on the shown symbol. For example, a series of symbols will continually cross the screen and depending on the symbol, you will do that action. A left arrow means “swipe left”, right arrow means “swipe right”, and so on.

To keep it fresh, the game includes four game modes: Classic, Memory, Speed, and Endurance.

  • CLASSIC: Allows you to race against the moving flow of orbs. Kill the orbs before they reach the other end of your screen. Progress your way through the levels as the speed and number of gestures increase.
  • MEMORY: SwipeTapTap’s version of the classic Simon Says memory game. But instead of colors and buttons, you must use your brain and remember each of the nine distinct moves in random order.
  • SPEED: Where you can challenge yourself to race against the clock. Get as many correct moves in as time allows. The harder the difficulty, the more moves you will have to master.
  • ENDURANCE: The mother of all modes! It starts off slow to get you in the groove, but as time progresses, it gets faster and faster and you start adding more moves into the mix. The speed never stops increasing! Oh yeah, don’t let the orbs overflow your screen. Game over.

SwipeTapTap also received an update recently which added many appreciated enhancements:

  • Retina Graphics enabled for iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Improved UI for Fun Facts and High Scores
  • Memory gameplay tweaked
  • New “pressure” beeps in Speed… 5,4,3,2,1!
  • Restart button available in all modes
  • Bronze, silver, gold completion stars for Classic and Speed
  • PERFECT star is available for zero errors and a gold star on Classic

Overall, SwipeTapTap delivers a lot of quick entertainment and while the game can become repetitive, the numerous game modes keeps things fresh.

For an idea of gameplay, check out the brief video below. It’s all finger gestures!

YouTube video

SwipeTapTap is available in the App Store for $1.99.

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