Free Revamped MobileMe Coming in April?

More MobileMe rumours coming your way. According to a source, iLounge reports that MobileMe will be free and revamped, with service coming in April. The existing version of MobileMe will be phased out in the next year. Existing MobileMe retail boxes have already been discontinued.

…the source was told that Apple will be supporting the existing version of MobileMe for the next year, suggesting that the new version will be quite different from the existing service; the extra year of support would likely cover those who recently paid for a full year of MobileMe, prior to Apple removing any method through which a user could pay for the service.

Apple’s $1 billion dollar data centre in North Carolina will soon be put to good use. Previous rumours of iTunes in the cloud and a MobileMe revamp make this new move by Apple imminent, as Steve Jobs did promise MobileMe was going to ‘get a lot better in 2011’ last December.

With free cloud services from Google and DropBox, paying $99US/year for MobileMe doesn’t make a lot of sense to people. Especially since Find My iPhone is now free for all. Could we see the announcement of an iOS-based social network, that includes Find my Friends in iOS 5?