Death Grip & Proximity Sensor Demoed On White iPhone 4

The white iPhone 4 has finally arrived, super super late, but arrived nonetheless. Launching tomorrow across Apple Stores in Canada, the device is reportedly “beautiful”.

With a new model of device and color, some may be wondering what’s new? Well, nothing is new actually. It’s the same, almost year-old, iPhone 4 but in white. The proximity sensor looks a little different, but that’s about it.

This also means that the white iPhone 4 is not immune to the famous “death grip”.

iSpazio decided to run a demo of the white iPhone 4 to test the “death grip” and proximity sensor. The findings? The proximity sensor seems to work just as well as on the black iPhone 4 and so does the death grip!

In the end, the white iPhone 4 is just a black iPhone 4 with new clothing.

YouTube video

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