Apple Designing a Fitness Centre App for the iPhone

We have Game Center for iOS, which is an online leaderboard for games and such. Now, imagine if there was something similar but for fitness? The latest patent filed by Apple indicates a new ‘fitness centre’ app is coming soon for the iPhone, according to Patently Apple:

Apple’s patent describes the possibility that the iPhone will one day include a single, seamless application that will introduce new customers to a fitness center and motivate these new customers to keep returning to the fitness center as active members.

To interface with a fitness center, the integrated application could, for example, securely connect with distinct servers associated with scheduling training sessions, accessing gym equipment guides, mapping directions to the fitness center, paying membership fees, communicate with exercise equipment at the fitness center, or any other suitable servers.

Popular fitness apps for the iPhone include RunKeeper and Nike+GPS. The iPhone can result in lazy people with the plethora of addictive apps. Is Apple trying to make us live healthier lives? I’ll answer that after I finish this bucket of KFC.

[Patently Apple]

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