Steve Jobs as a Stamp via Canada Post’s Picture Postage Feature

We previously reviewed the Canada Post iPhone app last Fall, which allowed for easy tracking of packages, and the quick ability to locate post offices. The app has been updated with a new feature called Picture Postage–which can turn your pictures into usable stamps right from your iPhone. The feature is billed to enable Canadians to turn their pictures into stamps–‘just like the Royal Couple’. Let the fun begin!

Picture Postage –Star in your own custom stamp—just like the Royal Couple!

Use Picture Postage to create a personalized stamp for your letters and invitations. Get started by taking a picture with your device, or access any photos that you have stored on your camera roll!

The cool part of the Picture Postage feature is that everything from taking the photo to ordering can be done right within the app. The downside is the pricing, which is literally doubles the postage fee per stamp. But, you do get to make your own stamps so it’s worth the mark up, right?

Canada Post spokeswoman Anick Losier had this to say:

“Were hoping that the convenience of being able to snap a photo on your phone on a summer’s day and turn it into a stamp right away will appeal to people…

…The stamps are printed at Canada Bank Note, so as soon as they are printed they become real currency with your photos on it,”

Not all images will be accepted, especially ones of sexual nature. You do have to agree to terms and conditions and describe what your image is. If something is questionable, Canada Post will call you to confirm.

Take a look at what Steve Jobs would look like as an official Canadian stamp:



Canada Post has had this feature available on the web for a while, but has largely gone unnoticed and unused. Pricing wise, you’re looking at $44.75 for 40 stamps, and $27.95 for 20 stamps, depending on the sheet style.

Are you going to try out this feature? The possibilities are endless. Click here to download the free Canada Post app.

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