Video: Walt Mossberg Slams Adobe CEO Over Flash at D9

Do you still care about the lack of Adobe Flash on your iOS device? Adobe was supposed to deliver Flash for the iPhone but that never materialized. Apple CEO Steve Jobs previously described his ‘thoughts on Flash‘ and why he feels this plugin is an old and outdated technology.

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, on the other hand feels the opposite. In his interview with Walt Mossberg at this year’s D9 conference, he has declared the war on Flash is over. Not only that, he proudly exclaimed over 130 million smartphones will be running Flash before the end of the year. A bold claim–until Walt Mossberg shuts him down with a dose of reality.

Watch the video below (Walt goes on the attack around the 1:35 mark), which ironically is Flash-only:

Have you used Flash before on a smartphone? How was the performance?