Quebec’s Videotron Releases $30 6GB Data Plan

For the last three years, Apple has released a new iPhone in Canada every summer. For the last three years, most of the Canadian mobile carriers have released the famous $30 6GB data plan, with all of them releasing it in 2010 in some shape or form.

The $30 6GB data plan is the best data plan out there. Normally $30 gives users 500MB or 1GB of data depending on the carrier, so you can see the value of this data plan. It is like buying data in bulk.

However with this summer shaping up to be iPhone-less, many people who missed out on the promo last year were hoping to jump on it this year. The good news is that if Apple releases a new iPhone this fall 2011, the 6GB data plan is probably coming with it. But this famous data plan may come even earlier.

For a limited time, Quebec’s Videotron has launched a $30 6GB data plan! While this does not mean much for customers of the other wireless carriers, Videotron’s release could prompt the big boys such as Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin Mobile, and Fido to launch their own $30 6GB offers. Time will tell!

What do you think of the 6GB data offer? Do you have it? Or are you waiting to get it?