New Discoveries in iOS 5 Beta 2: Larger Notification Window, Messaging Line Breaks

With yesterday’s release of iOS 5 Beta 2 to developers, we’ve been receiving lots of tips. Here are the notable changes in iOS 5 Beta 2:

New iCloud icon in Settings; new Storage and Backup icon too:

A new larger notification alert; ‘No New Notifications’ message in NC:

New “All Mail” icon for Gmail accounts; New Alarm popup for Snooze:

Newsstand ‘Easter Egg’ just like iBooks (this was from Beta 1 too); Messages app gets line breaks:

Under “Add Account” in Mail Settings…iCloud is now at the top, and MobileMe has moved to the very bottom; Google Maps suggested routes now have a ‘bolder’ line:

Miscellaneous notes sent in:

  • In the Messages app, the keyboard will auto minimize as you scroll up to view older messages
  • iTunes WiFi sync must be enabled in iTunes settings first
  • 9to5Mac discovered 3G download support for OTA updates
  • Beta 2 runs MUCH smoother than Beta 1, less lag
  • Wallpapers are back, but are the same as the ones in iOS 4

More to come…stay tuned!