iPhone 4 Survives 13,500-Foot Fall

Are you one of those iPhone 4 users who has a shattered glass back because it fell off your desk or out of your pocket? Maybe you haven’t got around to replacing it yet. Kinda sucks right? I imagine your phone still worked after falling only a few feet, but it turns out that the iPhone 4 will still work after a fall from 13,500 feet.

CNN reported that Jarrod McKinney, while skydiving, forgot to zip up the pocket of his pants with his iPhone 4 before jumping out of the plane. He realized the phone was missing when he tried to take a video of his wife skydiving from the ground. The skydiving instructor, as a joke, decided to try and call the phone and it went through.  The phone landed on top of a building about half of a mile from where McKinney landed – I imagine they used ‘Find My iPhone.

The touchscreen is shattered as well as the back, so the only way for McKinney to use the phone is with a Bluetooth headset. He does intend to get it fixed though.

I wish the video was recording to see what that looked like. Any similar stories you care to share?


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