China Times Claims iPhone 5 Launching Second Week of September?

Excellent, the iPhone 5 rumours have picked up steam just in time for its apparent September launch. This time, it comes from the China Times, as it claims the iPhone 5 will be released the second week of September (6 to 15, with the initial trial batch run set at 400,000 units.

This apparent Fall launch coincides with our exclusive reported iPhone 5 launch date of September 9th, according to a Chinese reseller poster. Recent rumours by mass media outlets have also corroborated a September launch, which would make sense given the Fall iPod event is normal when Apple debuts new iOS hardware.

With no new iPhone announced at the 2011 WWDC keynote, a next generation iPhone launch is imminent this Fall, and would make perfect sense to launch alongside the public release of iOS 5.

[via MacRumors]