Parks Canada Heritage Gourmet iPhone App Brings Historic Canadian Recipes

Want to try some cool recipes this summer? Parks Canada has released their Heritage Gourmet iPhone app, bringing you over 70 fully featured recipes dating back to the 18th century to today.

The recipes range from all of the distance regions in Canada, and recipes have been tested and modified to ensure easy cooking procedures with measurements in both imperial and metric for today’s cooks.

The app is pretty neat as you can browse by ingredient, course, menu, period, or region. Individual recipes provide interesting background stories and photos, making it super easy to follow along. There’s also a quick one-tap feature to add items from recipes into an easy-to-read shopping list.

Upon launching the app, an internet connection is required to download the latest update. There are extensive videos of behind the scenes showing the chefs and photographers at work, plus the ability to share recipes easily with friends.

Here are some app highlights:

* Cook traditional favourites like Acadan Bouilli, West Coast Finnan Haddie and Newfoundland’s Jiggs Dinner.

* Enjoy national historic site tried-and-true favourites like the Fortress of Louisbourg’s French Soldier’s Bread, Woodside’s Marmalade or Lower Fort Garry’s famous Corn Bread

* Try out recipes like Bannock, Luski and Sourdough Flapjacks that were originally cooked over an outdoor fire.



This is a pretty cool app, as it brings back some historic recipes that we can easily make and try at home ourselves. Let me know how these recipes turn out!</center>

Click here to download the Parks Canada Heritage Gourment app–it’s free.