Apple Unveils iCloud Storage Pricing for Canada and More

This afternoon, Apple has unveiled its pricing for iCloud storage, as noted by 9to5Mac. For iOS 5 beta testers, if you navigate within iCloud settings to “Buy More Storage”, it will reveal the Canadian pricing scheme:

5 GB – Free

Upgrade options (adds to your 5GB):

10GB – $20/year (15GB total)
20GB – $40/year (25GB total)
50GB – $100/year (55GB total)

In the fine print below, a message reads:

Contact Apple for a full refund within 15 days of an upgrade or within 45 days after a yearly payment. Partial refunds are available where required by law.

iCloud backs up your iOS device, ranging from email, to photos, and more. It is set to debut this Fall as announced by Apple.