Fake Apple Stores in China Renamed to…’Smart Stores’!

Those epic knock-off Apple Stores in Kunming, China, shocked the world with their intricacy. More than 22 other stores have been discovered in the same area, but now it appears most of them are starting to change their operations to avoid attention, according to M.I.C. Gadget.

These stores have started to rename their storefronts as ‘Smart Store’. Yes, that’s right. Everything has stayed the same except for the name on the store front. The original Kunming store that was exposed still has a bright glowing Apple logo on its signage, with ‘Smart Store’ beside it. Gee, did these guys take a page out of Samsung for this bright idea?

Here are a couple pics below:

I can hardly wait to experience my first Smart Store grand opening. Maybe I’ll get a free knock-off tshirt?

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