The Patent Saga Continues: HTC Sues Apple Over Three Patents

Last May, HTC asked the International Trade Commission to stop sales of iOS devices for infringement over five HTC patents. Both companies have been going back and forth with their legal battles, and Apple got the upper hand when the ITC determined HTC had infringed 2 of 10 Apple patents, causing the Taiwanese maker’s shares to plummet.

Now, HTC has stepped up and filed another complaint to the ITC, claiming Apple has infringed on three HTC patents, according to Reuters. Digitimes provides some specific details over the patents in question:

The patents at issue cover a range of functionality embodied in Apple’s Mac computer and mobile devices that are essential to user experience, including: Wi-Fi capability that allows users to wirelessly network multiple devices at home, at work, or in public; and processor communication technology that enables a seamless integration of a PDA and a cellular phone into a single device providing users with a true smartphone experience, HTC said. The patents at issue are US Patent Nos. 7,417,944, and 7,672,219 and 7,765,414.

This marks three cases in which HTC has filed complaints to the ITC over the infringing of its intellectual property by Apple. A spokesperson for Apple reiterated the following: “Competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours,” the exact words Steve Jobs used in a prior HTC patent case.