iPhone “4S” Casing Reveals Similarities To iPhone 4

The next iPhone has been rumored to be called the iPhone 5 with Apple also building a rumored lower cost iPhone called the iPhone 4S. Whether the “4S” is accurate or not, MacRumors reports on a set of pictures supposedly revealing the casing for the iPhone 4S.

As noted in previous rumors, the iPhone 4S is said to use different components and less storage to keep the costs down. According to these photos, Apple may even use similar casing to that of the current iPhone 4.

Looking a little closer, there are some subtle changes. For example, this supposed iPhone 4S casing will feature two antenna breaks at the bottom of the casing but no break at the top, as seen on the current iPhone 4.

The photos further show the mute/volume switches on the same side of the casing, like on the iPhone 4, and also a SIM card slot, which means this rumored iPhone 4S will at least be GSM-compatible.