Leaked Case Reveals iPhone 5 Will Be Larger, Wider & Thinner

Yet another purposed iPhone 5 case leaks into the wild and this time, it reveals a little more than before. According to giz china, the case was posted initially at anycastsolutions.com labelled as “cover iPhone5” available for sale in different colors. Photos of the case show much larger dimensions compared to the iPhone 4. The case is both wider and larger than any current iPhone handset and is even thinner than the iPhone 4. Also, the mute switch has been moved to the right side of the body while camera and flash cutout is at the usual place.

According to the source:

These latest photos of a supposed iPhone 5 (or iPod Touch 5) case look like they could be the real deal! The measurements are in fact 65mm wide, 122mm long and 12mm thick.

Looking at the image below, the thinness of the case could also point to the next generation iPod Touch as noticed by the source as well. Since the iPod event is due in the next couple of months, we could actually be looking an iPod touch case instead.

Take your pick guys, iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5G?