eBay Mobile Update: Canada Gets Payment for Purchases and Selling Support

eBay Mobile has received an update in the App Store, and a couple of the new changes bring some love for Canadians. Here’s what’s new:

What’s New for 2.3.1

– eBay Bucks support where available
– Checkout now supports eBay gift cards, coupons, shipping addresses, and shipping options where available
– Canada, Germany, France, and Italy can now pay for purchases with the app.
– Seller shipment tracking
– Notification fixes
– Various bug fixes throughout

The 2.3 update made improvements to the item screens, including larger images, new photo views, view more like this, shipment tracking, bid history, and more. We also added new push notifications for when an item has sold (cha-ching!), when there’s a bid on an item, and when you’ve received a message. Other features for sellers include international shipping, best offer, and immediate payment. Plus, you can now revise listings. Other features include improved search refining, home screen customization, and selling support for France and Canada.

With the new added ability to pay for items within the app for Canada, along with selling support too, eBay Mobile has become much more robust for Canadians. During its original launch, eBay Mobile was only available in the US App Store, but that soon changed.

Click here to download eBay Mobile–it’s free.